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If you are a young up and coming entertainment artist or someone who is currently looking for a way to gain exposure and find work within your chosen industry, then Creative Talent Artist can help. Felicia D. created the company to give individuals the chance to let their light shine within a competitive industry. She has created a company that encourages each person to express themselves through artistry expression, which can be rare in the talent agency market. We have plenty of experience with a variety of different fields ranging from musical talent to television and film. If you're currently looking for someone with experience and industry insight to help you get started or even propel your career to the next level then you should consult with Creative Talent Artist today.

Perhaps you are just getting started in realizing your dreams and need a reputable talent agency to help you gain perspective and direction? If this is the case, then you can count on Creative Talent Artist to help you gain an edge into the world of entertainment. We specialize in helping young individuals hone their craft and provide them with assistance getting work and catching the eye of the decision makers in their chosen market. Providing results is the goal and Creative Talent Artist has provided countless up and coming stars with opportunities they would otherwise not have had without our assistance. We provide a full range of services and encourage you to contact us to find out more about the services we offer as well as additional information about how you can get started working with us today.