How CTA Became a Talent Agency

Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and my partner. My name is Felicia and my partner is Rubi Myers. We provide guidance and consultation for kids and young adults in the entertainment industry.

CTA was started to give young creators and artists an outlet to express their creativity. As a mother that booked her own kids and friends kids on multiple projects. I would constantly be asked advice on set from other parents on how to grab casting directors eye with their kids photos and profiles.

My industry experience includes acting, dancing, casting and production. I have a lot of on-set training experience and industry information that is helpful to my artists. I am able to offer my talents that are green to this industry advice on auditions, call backs and set etiquette.

I honestly built this agency because of my love for kids. I see so many young talented kids that might not have money for expensive head-shots, acting, modeling schools and workshops. I feel that any young artist that is creative, innovative and resilient deserves an opportunity to shine.

CTA is full of endless possibilities.

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